Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the more regular questions people ask about plastic timber include:

Q: How do I work with plastic timber – what type of tools do you need?
A: You can use regular woodworking tools on the plastic timber (saws, drills, screws, bolts etc). It just cant be glued like timber.

Q: Can you paint plastic timber?
A Yes – as long as it is clean and painted with enamel paint. But why would you want to – as the beauty of this is that it is maintenance free?

Q: Does plastic timber become wet when slippery?
A: No, the surface is slightly textured and is not slippery at all. A word of caution with slippery shoes though!

Q: Does the colour fade in the sun?
A: After a number of years, and in direct sunlight and elements, the colour fades slightly, owing to a bleaching effect. The impression has been described as bleached timber. We have applications that have been in the sun for nearly 8 years, with no maintenance are still look good. The colour can be restored with some polish, and some brushing.

Q: What is the weight of the plastic timber?
A: It is slightly heaver than wood, especially the lighter woods like pine.

Q: What heppens if you spill chemicals on this.
A: The plastic timber is resistant to most cehcmicals, oils and fuels. This should be washed off and dried normally.

Q: Does the plastic timber become hot in the sun like regular timber?
A: Yes – it has the same character here as natural timber.

Q: How to you clean and maintain plastic timber
A: No need to sand and treat, just clean with water and a broom.

Q: Can you use plastic timber for structural applications such as roofing?
A: Generally the plastic timber is too heavy for such applications, as well as theslight elasticity it demsontrates. It an be used for some structural applications, such as pallets and other but is not recommended for beams.